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Creative Design, Strategy & Technology

Welcome to Mary Janez Brand, a premium creative design studio that focuses on strategy, design and digital technology to help cannabis related businesses not only survive, but thrive in today's rapidly evolving market.
We take great pride in our 360º creative design solutions & development abilities. All projects are unique and approached differently, customized to match each client’s needs.

Our objective is to understand your cannabis company and help others
understand your abilities through your business offerings.

Mary Janez Brand is a subdivision of Ck2design - creative media services.

About Us

We are an earthy bunch of hipsters

Meet Butch, Carrie and Missy, the creative design bunch at Mary Janez Brand. Okay, maybe the team is not so much a bunch, but rather one hipster designer and two catnip loving, cool cats. The felines may run the design studio, but Carrie creates and designs all projects by herself in-studio. Nothing is ever outsourced, unless requested by a client. Made in America by yours truly. Mary Janez Brand is a one-woman-show.

We don't grow or sell weed, but we do make those businesses that do, LOOK SMOKIN' GOOD!

For over 27 years Carrie has been creating innovative design solutions from concept to completion.
With our talent designing web, print, video production, photography, visual branding, UX design, marketing & advertising experience, a 420 business will harvest the benefits. Everything you need, all in one place.

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Either You're VISIBLE or Invisible

Step Up, Stand OUT or Step Aside!

As the Marijuana Market continues to rapidly expand,
the market will also become increasingly tough to compete in without a professional image.

MARY JANEZ BRAND is a creative media design studio that creates & designs visual brands
that help grow Cannabis companies. Our creative design & marketing marijuana services can help your cannabis company snuff-out the competition.

Visual Branding Process

Mary Janez Brand Services

Awesome Design Abilities & Technical Skills

New laws regarding recreational and medical marijuana are quickly changing the industry. Bumper crops of cannabis entrepreneurs are popping up across the states. With the rapid changes in the industry, the Marijuana markets continue to grow. This poses a challenge for new startups and existing cannabis companies to both compete in the market and adapt to the ever changing ways consumers do business.

In order to compete within today's marijuana market, it's imperative to demonstrate a strong brand, good user experience (UX design) and professional presence. Lack of a consistent design and visual brand could be detrimental to your success, putting you at risk of becoming extinct.


Don't Worry,
I Can Help! 

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  • what needs to be done,
  • or even where to start?
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My adaptability in handling any task from graphic design, logos, web, motion graphics, video, trade show booth designs, displays, large format graphics, corporate branding to direct marketing mailers and etc., makes me, Ck2design, an excellent choice for all your creative media needs.

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Cannabis Marketing Packages

We don't grow or sell weed. But We do make businesses that do... Look Smokin GOOD!

Starter Package

  • Online Business Website
  • 1st year hosting included
  • eMail marketing included
  • Agency-Grade Professional Cannabis Website

Web + Email

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Pro Package

  • Online Business Website
  • 1st year hosting included
  • eMail marketing included
  • Agency-Grade Professional Cannabis Website
  • eMail marketing included
  • Professional online company promo video

Web + Video + eMail

More Info

Pro Plus Package

Best Value

  • Online Business Website
  • 1st year hosting included
  • eMail marketing included
  • Agency-Grade Professional Cannabis Website
  • Professional online company video
  • Company Brochure
  • Direct Mailer
  • Business Card & Letterhead

Web + Video + Print Marketing Media

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Mary Janez Blog

Either You're VISIBLE or Invisible

Technology has quickly reshaped the way we do business. Most consumers focus on businesses who offer website interaction, a social media presence and professional marketing materials. Businesses are forced to change or risk becoming extinct. In order to compete with other companies that offer the same quality of products and services, it is imperative that your business demonstrates a strong professional presence. Lack of a consistent design and company branding reflected across all platforms of media could be detrimental to your success.


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