Either you're VISIBLE or you're invisible!

Either you're VISIBLE or you're invisible!

Written by Mary Janez Brand on Dec 13, 2015

How Can a Company Compete Today Without a Professional Online Presence?

It’s no surprise that we have become a visual society that demands instant access to information.

Some owners will tell you, they just don’t have the time, resources or budget to invest in marketing materials and plan on continuing as they always have. But in today's economy and technology driven age, can your business really afford not to change with the times?

Businesses using an outdated website and/or poorly designed marketing materials are giving their competition a marketing advantage.

Let’s face it, word-of-mouth used to be the best form of marketing, but times have changed drastically. Technology has quickly reshaped the way we do business in the industry. Most consumers focus on vendors who offer website interaction, a social media presence and professional marketing materials.

Cannabis business professionals are forced to change or risk becoming extinct.
In order to compete with cannabis businesses that offer the same quality of products and services, it is imperative that a company demonstrates a strong professional presence. Lack of a consistent design and company branding reflected across all platforms of media could be detrimental to the business's success.

Everything you need all in one place, that’s the advantage of Ck2design

Ck2design can create custom websites, company identity packages, direct mailers, logos, photography, videos presentations, product videos, instructional videos and motion graphics to match your companies' identity.

Let's take your business's 420 image to the next level!
Our objective is to understand your company, and help others understand your abilities through your business offerings. We believe that each project is unique and should be approached differently and customized to match each client’s needs.

Bridging the gap between the professional side of dentistry and the digital age of marketing, Ck2design offers innovative creative media solutions from Concept to Completion.


My more than 27 years experience in the graphic arts field and over 15 of those years have been dedicated to designing for small business professionals. My specialty is helping professional businesses put their best foot forward.

Ck2design knows that most businesses are extremely busy and have very little time or resources to dedicate towards the marketing of their business. I can help ease the transition from your current look and marketing materials to an exclusive design package just for your business.

Your marketing materials make a huge impact on how the world perceives your company. You need a strong positive image for your cannabis related company. Contact me

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Either you're VISIBLE or you're invisible!
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