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    Let's Started Planing for Your Cannabis Businees's Success

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    Cannabis Creative Media Designer

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    Let's Started Planing for Your Cannabis Businees's Success

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Does Your Brand Stand Out?

Capture, Engage and Convert Customers with Visual Branding

One of the main ingredients for success is the creation of a strong online presence and a professional looking company brand. These two main ingredients can make the difference between your potential customer choosing you or someone else. Visual brand directly and subliminally communicate a company's values and personality through compelling imagery and design style. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Static websites are dead and have become a thing of the past like records, eight track players and cassette tapes. We all continue to use the term, website, like so many other company product names such as Kleenex. But as far as websites are concerned, times have changed. Nowadays, in order to compete and stand out, your business needs a completed professionally designed marketing package that includes both traditional marketing collateral, social media networking, a video channel and an online business website.

Think of us as your own in-house design studio!

Everything connected to your business should work together like puzzle pieces.
If you're missing a piece then the puzzle is not complete. It is just as important for your website's user interface, marketing material layouts and business structure to work together in a cohesive manner as it is for the appearance of your company branding, logo, website design and marketing campaigns.

Mary Janez Brand's main drive and focus is developing complete marketing packages for our clients. Our goal is to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for your business to have a strong company identity, online presence and custom branding across all medias. Each project is unique and should be approached differently and customized to match each client’s needs. Our objective is to understand your company, and help others understand your abilities through your business offerings.
 And our hosted and easy-to-use Business Catalyst solution is designed to meet your specific business needs - allowing you to focus on your goals, not mastering the technology behind it.

Old Fashioned Brand Recipe for Success

Serious business owners should start with the basic marketing materials.

Of course every cook will need to adjust the amount or kinds of ingredients in their brand. One important thing to remember is that you need to start baking now. And don't forget that marketing is a marathon, not a race.

Okay! Ready to bake some good old fashioned brand?
Before you stir the batter, thoroughly mix the digital and traditional marketing materials together and let rest.

Below are suggested ingredients you should consider: 

List of Ingredients


The first and most important top shelf ingredient is to look from the outside in. The best thing you can do is step back and take a good look at your company. Be aware of how the outside world sees and understands what your company stands for, and how it differs from its competitors.


Be sure you hire a designer to create a brand that is reflected across all types of marketing materials and keep you from looking like a Willy-Nilly.


The right website can be a dominant marketing tool. Businesses are defined by their online presence. Many potential customers will Google you before they even walk in your door. If your website looks outdated, under-developed, or worse, non-existent, visitors will click over to the next competitor site.


Business cards are a staple marketing tool. When you hand out your business card, you have an opportunity to create a mental and visual link. Potential customers might not know you existed until you hand them your card. So you want to be sure it’s extra special, professional looking, matches your brand and is on high quality paper. Don’t be one of those people who throws together a card in PowerPoint and prints it on their home printer.


Investing in high-quality envelopes printed with your small business's logo, and blank letterhead in the same stock, will always be a smart decision. The letterhead and envelopes establish a good first impression when you are mailing invoices, gift cards and other correspondence.


A professionally designed brochure that explains who you are and what you do, could change a “maybe” to a “Yes! Let’s do this” answer. Make sure you highlight your features and benefits! Great for leave-behinds, follow-ups and mailers.


Be sure to have a digital copy of your brochure and RX Form, PDF format, ready for attaching to email, share on a social media channel, on your site as a download or copied onto a flash drive.


Incredibly cost-effective ways to engage in successful direct-mail marketing to promote events or specials to customers, as a thank-you, or holiday message notes to loyal patrons.


For your customers to believe you’re good, your images need to be good. Use interesting perspectives, good lighting and use a professional with an artistic eye. If you’re able to take good photos, be sure to have your designer enhance the color and lighting before using.


Nowadays everyone is watching videos online. Be sure you have at least one or two videos, well lit and professional looking connected to your cannabis business. Having a YouTube Channel will also help your business ranking on Google.


Be sure all of your emails have an e-mail signature that include your name, business name, contact information, web address and logo.


Meet the next generation of word-of-mouth. Connect with your customers, post relevant content, industry news, events, ask engaging questions but avoid doing hard sales posts. Social media is an extension of your website. Since it could be the first time a potential customer hears of you be sure the look and feel of your pages match your company branding and is consistent in appearance. If social media it isn't already an important role in your marketing and overall strategy, it’s in your best interest to start.


This is the easiest and fastest way to send information to specialized lists, current customers and prospects. Using the right system, like Ck2design, can provide statistics such as number received, bounced, opened, responded and more. This allows a cannabis business to monitor their email list and determine what type of information consistently gets the best response.


Ck2design websites are integrated with an online business console, offering an All-in-One solution that is made up of the following lead-in plans: Web Hosting v2, eCommerce, Email Marketing and Lead Management. In addition you also get access to Web Apps framework, Bookings and POP email.

Ck2design creates complete online business websites designed to meet your specific business needs -
allowing you to focus on your goals, not mastering the technology behind it.


Create a marketing plan, measure the results and keep moving forward. There are so many options these days when it comes to marketing materials. It is important to keep in mind that everyone’s preference of interaction is different and your marketing efforts should cover all avenues in order to effectively reach your target clients.


Live and promote your brand for maximum impact. Keeping your materials current and active will give you the most bang for your buck.

You only get ONE CHANCE to make a good first impression!

Can Mary Janez Brand really help my marijuana business?
Chances are if you are a business owner,
then the answer is YES!

But first we would need to go through a introduction phase to get a better understanding if we would be a good fit. MARY JANEZ BRAND works exclusively with only a few clients at a time, this is to ensure the best possible service is provided. Once we have established specific strategies for your company we are off and running developing and creating custom designs that will give your business the edge in the market.

MARY JANEZ BRAND is a ambitious, highly motivated, self contained design studio that incorporates many innovative, diverse, artistic and technical abilities. With excellent knowledge of design and typography, thorough and meticulous. Fast, dependable, able to work under pressure, capable of doing a massive range of styles and has the ability to stick to the creative brief and other guidelines.

In addition to awesome creative skills and abilities we also partnered with Adobe Business Catalyst to deliver integrated online solutions for your business. Which means all of our websites include hosting and a all-in-one solutions that handle everything from email marketing to e-commerce, tracks your customers through the sales process and provides valuable analytics through the built-in Customer Relationship Manager. It includes that sought-after feature - content management. You could say MARY JANEZ BRAND is a One-Stop-Design-Shop, minus the weed.
The only thing we don’t do is grow or sell cannabis, sorry.

Learn more about our all-in-one online business solutions »


Mary Janez Brand takes great pride in providing the best creative designs possible for our clients.

Special Marketing Packages for Marijuana Related Businesses

Let us help you smoke the competition!
Everything you needed to professionally market a legal marijuana related business.


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Many ways to Consume Medical Cannabis

Most of us know there is more than one way to consume marijuana.
But did you know there are many more different components to marketing a cannabis business?


  • All Ages
  • Seniors
  • Children
  • Pets
  • Non-smokers
  • Stoners
  • Newbies
  • Hippies
  • Professionals
  • Patients
  • Doctors

Core Audience


  • Traditional Media
  • Digital Media
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • High-end Photography
  • Online Business Website
  • Professional Branding
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Events
  • Word-of-Mouth



  • Vaporizing
  • Edibles
  • Ingestible Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Dabbing
  • Joint
  • Pipe
  • Bong
  • Bubbler
  • Spray


Don't Worry,
I Can Help! 

  • Have no idea where to begin,
  • what needs to be done,
  • or even where to start?
  • Let's Get Rolling Today!
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  • “exceptionally creative, resourceful and professional on every level”

    Carrie is exceptionally creative and resourceful. She is a professional on every level and has the ability to see a project through to completion quickly and efficiently. She can be counted on to approach any job with enthusiasm and skill. I gladly recommend her - she is truly a rare talent.

    Andy - Marketing Director
  • "produces an excellent wide range of creative media"

    Carrie produces an excellent design products ranging from ads, flyers, brochures, video, web media and posters for conferences. She can create a wide range of media.

    Bill - Medical Devices Professional
  • "truly invaluable resource"

    For many years Carrie has been a truly invaluable resource for my company. Her outstanding artistic ability and talent has consistently continued to amaze me.

    Brian - Director of Business Development
  • "nothing but the highest admiration"

    I have nothing but the highest admiration for Carrie's creative design skills and marketing abilities. To ensure that my two new start-up companies had a strong professional brand, I covered all my bases by contracting Carrie. Since the branding we have had nothing but positive feedback.

    Dr. Harold - CEO
  • "creative and instrumental"

    I had the pleasure of working with Carrie on numerous projects. She was creative and instrumental in getting our events, courses and programs information out to our clients. She was efficient and I could always count on her to meet all required deadlines. Many of them last minute requests. I encourage you to use Carrie's services and her expertise to help you achieve your goals. Contact me for personal references if required.

    Gloria - Account Manager
  • "will supersede your highest expectations, hands down!"

    Wow! where do I begin? Bottom line, if your looking for someone who understands what the real needs are for a company brand, Carrie is the person. She has the highest standards and will put your company in its best light. She is very knowledgeable about social media and keeps up with the latest internet and social media changes. Carrie is extremely hard working and is a perfectionist. Her product will supersede your highest expectations hands down!

    Laura - Vice President
  • "the experience was awesome"

    For years we have been hiring Ck2design to do photography and create videos for us and the experience was awesome! Carrie took the time to understand our needs and then worked with us through the whole process. Her finished work was incredible and everything was completed on time. If you are looking for a super talented professional who is both creative and practical to help partner with you to grow your business, call Ck2design right away!

    Lisa - Education & Events Manager
  • “high quality web design and internet marketing solution "

    I have worked with Carrie Kuehn several times in the past. She produced a high quality web design and internet marketing solution custom designed for our business. Some projects she worked on for us were site design, website redesign, logo, video production and photography, as well as printed media design (business cards, stationary, etc)..

    Lorie - Sr. Materials Manager
  • “highly recommend"

    Carrie produced a dental shade related video for one of my large lectures.
    And it was a show stopper!!!!! Expertly produced.

    Carrie was great to work with; professional, courteous and always kept her deadlines.
    I cannot recommend Carrie highly enough.

    Martin - VP Client Services

Going mobile is a business imperative

is king

in the mulit-screen world

Ensure that consumers

are easily able to find you on search across screens

Marketing should

no longer simply digital vs. traditional (print)

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